We understand the challenge of creating the perfect hairstyle for a client with fine hair.


As experienced hairdressers, we have developed a special method to help you blend hair colors perfectly. With our technique, you can easily match any shade. Your clients will love how our extensions look and feel, almost like their real hair, if not better!

We’ve created an online five-step process to teach you how to install our extensions correctly. You’ll have a Tablet at your workstation for learning and can Zoom us for Certification. Haircutting is crucial for the perfect look, so we’ll show you how to cut, blend, and style our extensions properly. Plus, we use a natural Resin for attaching the hair extensions.

When you join our Online Training Course, your clients will feel like they’re not even wearing extensions. Our thorough program teaches you how to blend and style extensions perfectly for a flawless, natural look every time.

Students will use our interactive modules, video tutorials, and live Zoom demos to learn better. Our course materials are carefully researched to stay up-to-date with current hair trends. We’re dedicated to excellence in every part of this course.

Hair Extensions Online Training Course

Our Training 

Richard Millstein is a highly experienced hairdresser and educator with over 45 years in the beauty industry. He recognized the importance of advanced education early in his career. As an educator and platform artist, he has trained thousands of stylists in advanced techniques. techniques. While working three days a week in his salon, he continually hones his skills, believing in the importance of staying current in an ever-evolving industry.

Our Custom Color Blending Educator


Cris Millstein is a platform artist who has trained hundreds of hairdressers in natural-looking color techniques. With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, she played a key role in developing the custom color blending process for Extend USA. Both Richard and Cristine work at Cris Richards Hair Studio.

Hair Extensions