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Cris Richards Hair Extensions

Cris Richards Hair Extensions cares about the professional as well as their clients. In a world where our industry is quickly being overrun with fast fixes, we value EDUCATION!  We value small, personal classes for you to learn.  A company that has always been owned and operated by a hairdresser and a colorist. We know long days behind the chair and we want to equip professionals to not only keep or regain passion for doing hair, but we also want to teach you how to make more money. There is virtually nothing you can’t do with our technique. We don’t predetermine the colors you can use or are limited to. Our educators will teach you how to custom blend. Put up to five colors in one extension! We use natural resin to bond hair and not metal pieces.


Take the estimated 25% of your existing clientele and offer them fuller, thicker or longer hair- right now. (While they are in your chair anyway.) Whether you are a new stylist straight out of beauty school or a seasoned stylist in the industry trying to figure out how to increase your profit, Extend USA has something to offer you. Extend USA is for the serious professional. Our extensions are for clients that want believable, natural looking hair that washes and styles easily without damage. As a company, we offer integrity, experience, advanced training in extreme cases of thinning and post-chemo hair. We believe in not cheapening our industry, but instead of holding it to a higher standard through education. As a company, Extend USA Hair Extensions has never and will never compromise their standards to help the professional offer only the HIGHEST quality products and services.

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