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Extend USA Hair Extensions are for people wanting natural-looking hair extensions that look and feel like their own hair. Our extensions are easily washed and conditioned daily.

Our theory is if it looks like hair extensions, it’s not ours.

Extend USA uses 100% naturally derived resin. Owned and operated by a hairdresser and a colorist for over 25 years, our company is quality from start to finish!

We pledge to train and support beauty professionals above and beyond their expectations. If you don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed.

Our custom color blending creates a flawless non-stripey natural look. No one can tell where the client’s hair stops and the extension hair starts.

We carry only the Finest Extension Hair we can find. We use it on our clients in our salon! The best part? You don’t HAVE to use our hair! (Although you will want to:) As a company, we “teach you to fish” and make your own decisions about hair sources. We don’t bind you for life to ours. That being said. Our hair sources are crème de le crème! We have developed relationships with our sources for decades to ensure the hair is ethically sourced.

Our technique is not pre-bonded.

You can cut the hair off a weft and use it.

No tubes.

No metal.

No plastic.

No clips.

Extend USA Hair Extensions are your clients who want to feel confident EVERY day, not once in a while or only for a special occasion.

Extend USA Hair Extensions are much more comfortable to sleep with than most extensions.

Extend USA Hair Extensions is not about creating fake, unrealistic, bulky hairstyles. (Although you can) We aim to give you the tools and training to take your existing clientele to a new level of beautiful/tasteful hair for everyone. 

Examples- Your Existing Client

Hair is fine and lacks body.

She is trying to grow out a short haircut and is at an awkward stage.

Bangs have become thin and scraggly.

Want highlights or lowlights, and you think it’s not a good idea for the hair quality?

Post chemo hair

With Extend USA Hair Extensions, you can do any of these services, and you will have far fewer limitations to be as creative as you can be.

Online Hair Extension Course

Our Online Hair Extension Course has undergone an incredibly meticulous and extensive development process spanning over a year! We wanted to ensure it offers the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative curriculum, so we left no stone unturned in perfecting every aspect.

Our team of experts has meticulously curated a syllabus that covers all aspects of hair extensions, from theory to practical application. We wanted to ensure that our students receive the best education possible, so we poured our hearts and souls into creating a course that leaves no hair extension technique unexplored!

But that’s not all! Through our cutting-edge technology platform, students can access interactive modules, video tutorials, and live demonstrations (Zoom) to enhance their learning experience. We wanted to ensure that our students learn the theory and get hands-on experience, so they can confidently apply their knowledge in the real world.

Hair extension certification offers hairstylists and salons a valuable opportunity to collaborate with a reputable hair extension company. By obtaining certification through our program, salons gain access to wholesale pricing, marketing materials, and your starter kit. Moreover, once certified, we proudly include your salon in our exclusive directory. We provide unlimited referrals to enhance your revenue stream as the top-ranked listing for strand-by-strand extensions on Google. Our website serves as a go-to resource for individuals seeking professional hairstylists in their vicinity. By becoming certified, you become an integral part of this extensive network, reaping numerous exclusive benefits.

Online Hair Extension Training Course