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We teach how to put extensions on the top of your client’s head

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October 2024

Extend USA

Online Hair Extension Courses

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Extend knows the importance of quality education and care for everyone in our class! We created a five-step process to teach you how to install our extensions properly. An extension Kit is included with enough hair to make back your investment. Haircutting is very important, we teach you how to properly cut, blend, and style them. We use a naturally derived Resin for attaching the hair.

 Online Hair Extension Courses 

  • Extend USA Hair Extensions offers natural-looking hair extensions that can be easily washed and conditioned daily.
  • We use 100% naturally derived resin.
  • The company is owned and operated by experienced hair professionals and aims to train and support beauty professionals to exceed expectations.
  • Our extension hair is of the finest quality, and they also provide the freedom for professionals to choose their hair sources.
  • Beginners Courss Includes USA Extension Starter Kit.
  • Our technique does not involve pre-bonding and offers Custom Color Blending.
  • Extend USA  focuses on creating beautiful and tasteful hair for clients rather than bulky or unrealistic styles.
  • We provide solutions for clients with fine or thinning hair, those growing out a short haircut, or Clients after Chemo.
  • With our courses, professionals have more creative freedom and fewer limitations in their services.
  • Advanced Chemo Hair Extension Course available after completing beginners cours.

Preview of our upcoming Online Hair Extension Course.

Beginners Course

We created an all-in-one Online Training Course. Everything is included!

And enough European Hair to make back your investment and more.

  • Mannequin Head and Stand
  • 4-section Mannequin Head for Custom Color Blending
  • Practice Hair
  • Color Ring
  • Five Pack of Silicon Pads
  • Ten Pack of Resin
  • 2 Sticks of Resin for priming Applicator
  • Resin Applicator
  • Extension Table and Stand
  • Swing Arm for Tablet or Phone
  • 10.5 Tablet to watch class on
  • Drip Tray for Extension Table
  • Bottle for Acetone
  • Extension Remover Tool
  • 6 Duck Clips
  • 4 Black Jaw Clips
  • Feather Razor and Pack of Blades
  • Extension Brush
  • 2 Pin Tail Combs
  • 2 Styling Combs (also used to remove extensions)

We value education in a world where fast fixes quickly overrun our industry. 

 Extend USA has always been owned and operated by a hairdresser and a colorist who understands the beauty industry firsthand. We want to teach you how to make more money and save for your future.

There is virtually nothing you can’t do with our technique.