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We are out-of-the-box thinkers’ that help stylists grow their revenue and future financial security by incorporating high-quality hair extensions into their existing and future clientele.

best online training course

Have you ever thought about learning extensions but still have not?

Wished there was a way to make your client’s fine thin hair fuller?

Wanted to secure your kids’ college, pay off debt or save for retirement?

Been afraid you won’t make any more money than you do right now?

Best Online Training Course

About Extend USA Hair Extensions Training Course


Extend USA Hair Extensions has over two and a half decades of experience in the hair extension industry.

We sincerely recognize the significance of delivering top-notch products and providing comprehensive education to salon professionals. We proudly present our Online Training Course and Zoom Certification to cater to your needs. These invaluable resources will equip you with the skills to expand your business and offer your loyal clientele the finest hair extensions while attracting new clients. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you stay ahead in the industry and maintain the highest service standards.

As a company owned and operated by experienced hairdressers, we deeply understand the demands and challenges that come with this profession. Using Zoom, our primary goal is to empower professionals like you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your craft and reignite your passion for hairdressing while increasing your earnings.

Our unique technique has been meticulously designed to teach you the art of custom-blending hair, enabling you to match virtually any color effortlessly. With our natural resin bonds, Extend USA Hair Extensions seamlessly blend with your client’s natural hair and provide an enhanced and superior look. Your clients will be amazed by how our extensions feel and look like their own hair, if not better!

By enrolling in the Extend USA Hair Extensions Online Training Course, you can be confident that your clients will completely forget they are even wearing extensions. Our comprehensive program equips you with the expertise to seamlessly integrate and style extensions, ensuring a flawless and natural result every time.

Join us at Extend USA and unlock a world of possibilities in hairdressing. Elevate your skills, enhance your client’s experience, and ultimately, boost your business.

Work Smarter, Not Harder


Extend USA Hair Extensions is not about creating fake, unrealistic, bulky hairstyles. (Although you can) We aim to give you the tools and training to take your clientele to a new level of beautiful/tasteful hair for everyone.

Extend USA is (and has always been) owned and operated by hairdressers. We know the importance of quality education and care for everyone in our class! We created a five-step process to teach you how to install our extensions properly. We included a Tablet attached to your workstation to learn from and Zoom us for Certification. Haircutting is very important to create the perfect look. We teach you how to properly cut, blend our extensions, and style them. We use a naturally derived Resin for attaching the hair extensions.

Most importantly, we do not leave you hanging after class. We are still here for you! As a company, we encourage you to use Zoom to help get your new extension business up and running. We teach you how much to charge, how much hair is needed to create each look, and how long it will take. These are the kinds of issues that we will walk you through.

 If you are not successful, then we failed.

As you are navigating your new trade, you will have questions. We are always happy to help you along your journey.

Online Hair Extension Course Coming Soon!

Special Chemo Hair Extension Training is available after completing our beginners class. 

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