We are out-of-the-box thinkers’ that help stylists grow their revenue and future financial security by incorporating high-quality hair extensions into their existing and future clientele.

Have you ever thought about learning extensions but still have not?

Wished there was a way to make your client’s fine thin hair fuller?

Wanted to secure your kids’ college, pay off debt or save for retirement?

Been afraid you won’t make any more money than you do right now? 

best online training course

Best Online Training Course

About Extend USA Hair Extensions Training Course

Extend USA Hair Extensions has over two and a half decades of experience in the hair extension industry.

We understand the importance of quality products and education for salon professionals. We offer an Online Training Course and Zoom Certification so that you can learn the skills you need to grow your business and offer the highest quality hair extensions to your existing clients and bring in new clients. 

As a company owned and operated by hairdressers, we understand the job’s demands. Zoom helps us equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to keep or regain a passion for doing hair and making more money. Our technique is designed to teach you how to custom-blend hair to match virtually any color. Our natural resin bonds ensure that Extend USA Hair Extensions look and feel like your client’s hair – only better! With Extend USA Hair Extensions Online Training Course you can be sure your clients will forget they are wearing extensions. 

Make Your Clients Happier and Make More Money

Take the estimated 25% of your clientele and offer them fuller, thicker, or longer hair – or all three at once!


Whether you are a new stylist fresh out of beauty school or a seasoned professional looking to increase your profits, Extend USA Online Training Course has the answers. Our extensions provide clients with natural-looking hair that is easy to wash and style without damage. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, experience, and advanced training in extreme thinning. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products and services, and we never compromise on our measures to help professionals succeed.

Extend USA  Online Hair Extensions Online Training 

 To help stylists achieve a work/ life balance, we created an online training that uses Zoom. 


We created an all-in-one Online Training Course. Everything is included!

  • Mannequin Head and Stand
  • Practice Hair (Straight Hair)
  • Practice European Hair (Wavy Hair)
  • Color Ring
  • 5 pack of Silicon Pads
  • 10 pack of Resin
  • 2 Sticks of Resin for priming Applicator
  • Resin Applicator
  • Extension Table and Stand
  • Swing Arm for Tablet or Phone
  • 10.5 Tablet
  • Drip Tray for Extension Table
  • Bottle for Acetone
  • Extension Remover
  • 6 Duck Clips
  • 4 Black Jaw Clips
  • Feather Razor and Pack of Blades
  • Extension Brush
  • 2 Pin Tail Combs
  • 2 Styling Combs (also used to remove extensions)

And enough hair to make back your investment and more.

We value education in a world where our industry is quickly overrun with fast fixes. 

 Extend USA has always been owned and operated by a hairdresser and a colorist who understand the beauty industry firsthand. We want to teach you how to make more money and save for your future.

There is virtually nothing you can’t do with our technique.