Hair Types

Overview of Different Hair Types


Yak:   comes from the animal “the Yak” and starts white in color

Yaki:  is a process done to hair to give it a texture like African American hair.

Asian: Coarse hair from China that starts black/dark brown and is severely lightened and heavily coated to make the hair feel healthy. Asian hair is twice the diameter and has a much thicker cuticle than Caucasian hair. Most hair types have around five layers of cuticles, while Asian hair has closer to ten.

Malaysian-a fine silky hair from different parts of Asia that generally starts black/dark brown and is also severely lightened and heavily coated to make the hair feel healthy. This coating generally wears away after 1-2 months, leaving the hair brittle and dry.

Bohemian is the name of a process that a manufacturer gave Asian hair that is processed more refinedly and produces a much higher quality result. After processing the hair, it is heavily coated with silicone. This coating will generally wash away after 1 to 2 months, leaving the hair dry and brittle.

Indian/Remy-a finer diameter than Asian hair but is not as fine as European hair. This hair generally starts black/dark. Brown still loses some of its integrity during the blonding process, but since the diameter is less than Asian, the final result isn’t as coated as Asian. This hair will generally maintain softness and shine for 8-12 WEEKS!

Temple Hair:  Indian Hair that came from Temples in India.

European: a fine texture hair that is never excessively chemically treated. It doesn’t have any coatings so the hair remains beautiful, shiny, and healthy. European hair is lighter and easier to style. This is the hair that most clients prefer to wear.

Virgin Hair

Hair that has never been chemically treated. This is the best hair giving the best results.