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Extend Your Income & Make Your Clients Happier


Extend USA is (and has always been) owned and operated by hairdressers. We KNOW the importance of quality education and care for each person that takes our class! That is why class sizes are very small in order to give YOU plenty of one on one attention from our Extend USA Certified Hair Extension Artist. Haircutting is very important to create the perfect look. We teach you step by step how to properly cut and blend our Hair Extensions also how to style them. We use a naturally derived Resin for attaching the hair extensions.

Most importantly, we do not leave you hanging after the class is over. We are still here for you! As a company, it is important that we help you get your new service up and running. How much to charge, how much hair, and how long will it take. These are the kinds of issues that we will walk you through. We still work in a salon where I am constantly trying different ways of extending our client’s hair.  If you are not successful then we did not succeed.

As you are navigating your new trade, you will have questions. We are always happy to help you along your journey.

In-Home Training Coming Soon!       Special Chemo Hair Extension Training is available



Extend USA Hair Extension Training Certification Class


    • How to give a proper consultation
    • Add Highlights, Length, & Volume
    • Extend USA Custom Color Blending
    • How to cut and style hair extensions
    • How to add length, color, and volume

Extend Your Income & Make Your Clients Happier


  • Help your clients with fine, thinning hair
  • Add Highlights, Length, & Volume
  • attract new clients
  • Make more money
  • Learn at Home Training

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