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Cutting Hair Extensions

Cutting Hair Extensions | Dry Cutting-Scissors-Razor


Why Cutting Matters


When you see someone that obviously is wearing hair extensions, sometimes it looks unnatural because the hair is cheap, sometimes it is not a great method and many times it comes down to the cutting. Often hairdressers will take a long time to put hair extensions in and then are afraid to cut them afterward.


Cutting Techniques Vary


Extend USA will work with you and teach you how to cut hair extensions row by row. We will teach you when to use a razor or point cutting to soften harsh lines and angles. This creates a natural flow between the client’s own hair and the new extension hair. The client’s hair should melt into the extension hair to create a flawless blend.


Proper Cutting Outcome


Cutting hair extensions properly will save the client headaches from styling at home. They will have less tangling and blow drying will take less time and be very easy. In the end, this also creates fewer headaches for you as the salon professional!