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Extend USA Custom Color Blending

Custom Color Blending | Strand by Strand Blending

Extend USA Hair Extensions Custom Color Blending is nothing short of amazing. Each hair extension bond can hold as many colors as you think it should. It is your client, and you are the professional. Why be limited?


Natural Looking


Natural-looking color calls for dimension and color variances; no matter how subtle they are, you can match the client’s color. This creates a very believable look. It is nearly impossible to detect where the client’s hair stops and the extensions begin!


Make the client’s hair color even better.


Maybe a new client comes to you with an overly processed hair color. The hair is damaged and needs time to grow. You can overpower the client’s hair with extensions. There is no need to add chemicals to her hair. You can make her color beautiful using Extends Custom Color Blending Technique.




It is limitless to how many color combinations you can create! And if you are doing high fashion colors, Extend USA’s hair suppliers sell only the very best human hair from reputable sources. You can color the hair to match if you have an obscure shade.


The better the hair, the better the outcome. We are working hand in hand with the Russian Hair Club to give you the best hair in the world.