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Why Extend USA Hair Extensions?

Extend USA provides ease, comfort, and the best color blending! Our hair extensions can blend any hair type into your client’s hair. The result is thicker, tangle-free hair that melts into the client’s hair. Only the highest quality human hair has been individually picked and recommended strand by strand for Extend USA Hair Extensions. You can add length, thickness, and volume to create your client’s perfect look. As a salon professional, you can change your client’s hairstyle with a perm, highlight, or color. Now add length and volume to their hair! Unlike most other techniques, Extend USA is virtually undetectable! (even in a wind storm!)


Hair Extension Training Courses


Extend USA Hair Extension Training Courses were created to help hairdressers increase their income while helping their clients. The company was started in 1999 by a hairdresser and hair colorist. The husband and wife team have worked together in the salon, at home, and owned and operated Extend USA for 25 years. Cris and Richard Millstein combined their love of everything hair and the beauty industry to bring the highest-quality hair extensions continually.

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Richard Millstein (a Washington DC native) is a hairdresser and educator with over 45+ years of experience in the beauty industry. Early on, Richard realized the need for advanced education. Pivot Point was his first advanced haircutting school. He has worked as an educator and platform artist for Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Joico, and Zegarelli. Richard has trained thousands of stylists in advanced haircutting, styling, and extensions. Now while working three days in his salon, he tries to perfect different techniques and patterns. “I believe we live in a constant change, so it is important to be a part of that change.”

Cris Millstein (Proudly a Pittsburgh girl) has worked as a platform artist and has trained hundreds of hairdressers in natural-looking color concepts. With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has helped to develop the custom color blending process for Extend USA.  Richard and Cristine work behind the chair at Cris Richards Hair Studio. (And they still like each other;) The couple owns and operates Cris Richard’s Inc together. They both believe in helping every single hairdresser achieve their dreams. Extend USA Hair Extensions teaches hairdressers techniques to give their clients the hair they always dreamed of and themselves a more financially secure future in the beauty industry. Work smarter, not harder!

Online Hair Extension Training

Complete Extend USA Hair Extensions ONLINE training course
Learn from your home, salon, or even on vacation.
Everything you need to start making more money immediately.
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